Bauwerk Limewash

Bauwerk Limewash is a beautiful mineral-based natural paint, suitable for
most interior and exterior walls. Light refracting calcite crystals within the
structure of lime gives limewash painted surfaces a distinctive glow.

Limewash has been used since ancient times. It has a nuanced aesthetic
quality that is timeless, making it appropriate for both heritage and
contemporary projects. Importantly, unlike acrylic water-based paints, it
won’t harm you or our fragile planet. Bauwerk Limewash is non-toxic with
healthy antibacterial properties. It is produced using 100% green power.


Limewash is made from calcium carbonate - a naturally occurring mineral found in limestone and sea shells. It is made into a putty by slaking it in water over many months before being aged over years. Once properly aged, water is used to dilute the putty to create limewash. Natural earth pigments are later added to create an endless array of colours.

Though seemingly simple

it requires a lot of knowledge to create good quality limewash. Like wine making, it requires experience and an innate feeling for the process.


works with the surfaces to which it is applied, allowing walls to breathe and age gracefully over time. This prevents moisture from getting trapped inside. Modern synthetic paints create a seal on surfaces, locking moisture inside walls which causes water build-up. This leads to blistering, bubbling, and possible structural damage to walls.

Cali Dreaming

is very durable - weathering over time instead of flaking. When a fresh coat is required, there is no need to scrape the wall and start from scratch - simply apply a fresh coat of limewash.